The following Candidates (45 total) are deemed to be HCAP-Certified following successful completion of their HCAP Assessment following the  Range Test held on 26th May 2018 (names, followed by HCAP Number).

Date of Certification: 26th May 2018.

Bermingham, Jeffrey, 2018/0065
Brady, Ashton, 2018/0074
Brock, Denis, 2018/0060
Buston, Evin, 2018/0077
Butler, Jamie, 2018/0084
Butler, Seamus, 2018/0083
Carolan, David, 2018/0061
Cashman, Vincent, 2018/0006
Chan, Bobby, 2017/0139
Chan, Ryan, 2017/0140
Coffey, Joe, 2018/0088
Cullen, Jonathan, 2018/0064
Doherty, Keith, 2018/0062
Fox, Denis, 2017/0118
Gacesa, Milorad, 2018/0033
Gallagher, Thomas, 2018/0034
Gallagher, William, 2018/0067
Graham, David, 2018/0028
Hickey, Gary, 2017/0176
Horan, Ben, 2018/0076
Howell, Myles, 2017/0179
Kehoe, Declan, 2018/0079
Keyes, Patrick, 2018/0089
Lambert, Jimmy, 2018/0087
Langrell, Will, 2018/0066
Lennon, Stephen, 2018/0052
Lynch, Kevin, 2017/0124
Macari, Costantino, 2018/0054
McDermott, Tony, 2018/0072
McKeown, Garth, 2018/0059
Meaney, Michael, 2018/0093
Murphy, Kenneth, 2018/0055
Murray, Patrick, 2017/0178
Murtagh, Damien, 2018/0071
Ochwat, Ryszard, 2018/0046
O’Mahony, Killian, 2017/0200
Ryan, James, 2018/0063
Scanlon, John, 2017/0121
Shortall, William, 2018/0081
Smyth, Gary, 2015/0017
Sikora, Krzysztof, 2018/0056
O’Sullivan, Pat, 2018/0085
Tuohy, Denis, 2018/0091
Walker, David, 2018/0078

All Candidates in attendance were successful and were presented with their HCAP Certificates, ID Cards and Badges at the conclusion of their successful Range Test. A high standard of marksmanship was evident from all candidates. Thanks go to HCAP Range Officers Pat Scully and Liam McGarry for their able administration of the Range Test, also to Tony Saunders and all at Midland National Shooting Centre of Ireland for their very professional management of the Test on the Range.

There were 15 qualified Deferrals/No-Shows, who will have their opportunity of completing the Range Test stage of HCAP on 14th July 2018.


Brown, Martin, 2017/0116
Butler, Rupert, 2018/0086
Corcoran, David, 2017/0166
Duggan, Jamie, 2018/0057
Flynn, David, 2018/0053
Galvin, Emmet, 2018/0005
Hourigan, Gerard, 2017/0187
Ivanoff, Eftim, 2018/0050
Keyes, Paul, 2018/0090
McCann, Jim, 2017/0098
Monaghan, Jason, 2018/0020
O’Keeffe, Danny, 2018/0012
O’Reilly, Wesley, 2018/0073
Shanahan, Maurice, 2018/0058
Spencer-Jones, Luke, 2017/0024

Note: Candidates who miss two successive Range Tests due to Deferral for good reason or No-Show without notice will be de-listed as Eligible Candidates and  will be required to re-apply (Range Test only) and pay the standard Repeat Fee of €50.00 if they wish to complete the programme.