The General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) came into effect on the 25th May 2018. The GDPR gives individuals more control of and more rights in relation to the processing of their personal data. As such, Deer Alliance HCAP is required to keep its HCAP Candidates including HCAP-Certified Candidates informed about the data it holds, the purpose for which it is held and used, and what rights Candidates have in relation to how that data is processed.

Candidates’ Data Held

In relation to each HCAP Candidate, Deer Alliance HCAP holds data including:

1: Name, Address, including Eircode, telephone number(s), Email address, Individual HCAP Number, Assessment Records and Date of Certification

2: In addition, Deer Alliance HCAP may hold historical information which includes Candidates’ details in electronic and hard copy format including details of firearms used, membership of other deer interest groups and insurance held.

Purpose of Processing Candidates’ Data and Parties with whom Data may be Shared

Deer Alliance HCAP processes the data of Candidates’ data in electronic and in paper format for a number of purposes, including the following;

1: to allow us to contact Candidates in relation to Deer Alliance HCAP business

2: to allow us to include Candidates’ details in the Register of HCAP-Certified Candidates (which may be published to third parties including Coillte Teoranta, National Parks & Wildlife Service and Garda Siochána for purposes of validating information supplied or applications made by Candidates).

3: to respond to requests made by Coillte Teoranta, National Parks & Wildlife Service or Garda Siochána seeking Candidates’ details for the purpose of confirming information provided by Candidates or for the purpose of lawful inquiries being conducted by those bodies.

Under Data Protection Law and the GDPR, we are required to ensure that there is an appropriate basis for the processing of the personal data of Candidates and to let each such person know what the basis for processing their data is.

In relation to the personal data held and processed by Deer Alliance HCAP, the primary bases that we rely on for the processing of the data are (a) processing necessary to allow us to pursue our legitimate interests as a body established for the purpose of training, assessment and certification of licensed deer hunters, and (b) processing based on the consent of each respective Candidate whose data is held.


Type of Data

Candidates’ details as previously provided to Deer Alliance HCAP; Candidates’ details as set out in forms submitted after the issuing of this document; Minutes of Deer Alliance HCAP meetings; documents relating to and comprising of existing enquiries; documents relating to and comprising of enquiries submitted after the issuing of this document.

Format Held

Electronic and hard copy format

Retention Period

For the duration of the period of training, assessment and certification and for a further term of seven years thereafter except where consent is retracted or erasure of information has been requested, subject to the efficient management of Dee Alliance HCAP business affairs; and in the case of the Register of HCAP-Certified Candidates, indefinitely.

Consent to Processing of Candidates’ Data

The GDPR provides that consent to processing and retention of personal information must be freely given, specific, informed, and unambiguously indicated. For this reason, Deer Alliance HCAP require that candidates indicate consent for the processing of personal data by completing the Consent Form which is part of the Online Application or in other circumstances, by completing a hard-copy Consent Form.

Granting of consent is voluntary but without it, Deer Alliance HCAP cannot operate efficiently. Candidates have the right to access information held and to retract consent at any time and also have the right to erasure of all personal information retained by Deer Alliance HCAP, either during the term of training, assessment and certification or after termination of that process.

Withdrawal of Consent to Processing of Candidates’ Data

Candidates are entitled to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data by the Deer Alliance HCAP at any time by notifying Deer Alliance HCAP accordingly in writing or by email.

Contact Details:

Deer Alliance HCAP,
P. O. Box 1,
Co. Carlow.