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In light of the escalation of concerns surrounding spread of the Covid 19 virus as at today, 17th March 2020, Deer Alliance HCAP unfortunately feels it is wisest and most prudent to postpone the HCAP MCQ scheduled for Saturday 21st March 2020. All Candidates are hereby advised of this decision. Every effort will be made to communicate with each candidate individually by text or email here available.

This decision is taken with regret for any inconvenience and only after consultation with the public health authorities and State agencies setting the parameters for avoidance of infection across the community generally, as well as with a cross-section of candidates.
An alternative date will be fixed as soon as things settle down and updates will be posted here as soon as possible.

Deer Alliance greatly regrets any inconvenience to candidates who have made arrangements to travel or to take time off work to participate in the Training Workshop and/or MCQ. However, concerns are such as to demand that caution be exercised and that public health interests, and protection against infection for all parties involved, take precedence over anything else.

We trust candidates will bear with us until such time as the situation improves and things get back to normal.

All candidates listed below remain eligible to participate in the next scheduled MCQ,

ACATINCA, Vasilica, 2019/81
BURKE, David, 2020/0011
CREAMER, Ronan, 2019/0081
DEDAJ, Kristian, 2019/0078
DUNPHY, Garreth, 2020/0006
EDGE, Robert, 2018/0104
FINN, Richard, 2019/0082
FLAHERTY, James, 2018/0051
FLYNN, Cathal, 2020/0014
HAMILL, Michael/2020/0021
HARMON, James, 2020/0010
HARVEY, Brendan, 2020/0008
HEAVEY, Lisa, 2019/0080
HENDERSON, Simon, 2020/0020
HUNT, William, 2019/0063
HUTCHINSON, Robert, 2009/0108
KENDELLEN, Barry, 2020/0013
KENNY, Seán, 2020/0002
KIRWAN, Robert, 2020/0019
LARKIN, Andrea, 2020/0016
MacCARTHY, Dylan, 2020/0003
MacCARTHY, Seán, 2020/0004
MANNINGHAM-BULLER, Edward, 2020/0018
MAY, Sean, 2020/0015
O’CALLAGHAN, Michael, 2019/0079
O’CONNELL, Gary, 2020/0022
PASCALE, Florin, 2020/0001
REID, Graeme, 2020/0009
ROONEY, Paul, 2020/0007
TICE, Patrick, 2018/0007
WALSH, Maurice, 2020/0005
WHELAN, Andrew, 2020/0017