Amidst growing concern for the spread of the COVID19 virus, Deer Alliance HCAP have carefully considered the advisability of proceeding with the HCAP Training Workshop and MCQ taking place on Saturday 21st March 2020.

Given scheduling difficulties if the MCQ is postponed and a knock-on effect affecting other possible dates, it has ben decided that the Workshop and the MCQ will proceed as scheduled.
However, this decision will be reviewed over the coming seven days and if deemed appropriate, it will be reversed.

Meanwhile, all intending participants will attend at own risk. Any and all candidates experiencing any symptoms however slight, are urged to stay away. Any sign of influenza, a severe cold, coughing, sneezing, respiratory difficulties or muscular discomfort should be regarded very seriously, and self-isolation should be undertaken with immediate effect.

This notification will be updated as necessary and in any event, not later than Thursday 19th March.


Since posting the above notification, the Government has imposed a ban on indoor gatherings comprised of more than 100 attendees. On this basis, the MCQ will fit comfortably inside the upper limit and pending any further negative developments over the next few days, the MCQ will go ahead, as set out above.