The Firearms Expert Committee established in June 2022 by Minister of State at the Department of Justice James Browne TD, delivered its Reports in March 2023. The FEC recommendations are now the subject of an online survey initiated by Minister Browne, intended as a public consultation on possible amendments to firearms legislation.

The FEC recommendations are many and varied and need study. The Reports can be accessed HERE.

The Online Survey is HERE.

The Firearms Users Representative Group (FURG), comprising effectively all organisations in the country involved in the shooting sports (of every kind), are urging all firearms users to make sure their voice is heard, and all HCAP-Certified Hunters and all firearms users are urged to please complete the online survey before the deadline of 2nd June 2023. Please act on this as soon as you can, not to miss the deadline.

The survey is sloppy, tedious and no doubt will bring you to questions which you may think do not impact on you as a firearms user. There are over 70 questions spread over 40 pages. The survey is anonymous, you will get no acknowledgement when you complete it (and you can complete it as often as you like). Responses are not saved and when you answer the very last question your response is automatically submitted without further instruction from you – so make sure your responses are properly recorded as you approach the last couple of pages.

Your views are important, make sure they are recorded. FURG and Deer Alliance HCAP believe it is crucial that the maximum number of responses are delivered by firearms users, to avoid skewing of the survey outcome by any anti-gun or anti-hunting lobby.