Joining the ranks of HCAP-Certified Hunters are Aoife Ní Riain and Christina O’Shea, who successfully completed their HCAP Range Test on 2nd April 2022.

The candidates listed below all completed their Deer Alliance Hunter Competence Assessment Programme with their Range Test at the Midland Range, Blue Ball, Tullamore on Saturday 2nd April 2022. All candidates demonstrated a high standard of marksmanship. Thanks go to the Midland Range management and personnel, including J. P. Craven and Tony Saunders, and to Deer Alliance Range Officers Pat Scully (Wild Deer Association of Ireland) and Liam McGarry (Irish Deer Society). Successful candidates received their HCAP Certificates, ID cards and badges from Liam Nolan, Director of Deer Alliance HCAP.

Newly HCAP-Certified Candidates (date of certification 2nd April 2022):

BASS, John, 2022/0018
BIDDER, Clifford, 2022/0038
BRENNAN, Paddy, 2022/0013
BYRNE, Niall, 2022/0037
CARROLL, James, 2021/0074
CASCIANI, Steven, 2022/0008
CARSWELL, Mike, 2021/0073
CONWAY, Kieran, 2021/0049
CRONIN, Noel, 2022/0010
DOBRUCKI, Tomasz, 2022/0019
DUCA, Adrian, 2022/0045
FINN, Sean, 2022/0031
FITZGERALD, Brendan, 2022/0044
FOXTON, John, 2022/0036
FOXTON, Humphrey, 2022/0035
HEGARTY, Brian, 2022/0049
HARMAN, Luke, 2021/0024
HARROLD, Calvin, 2021/0071
HUBBLE, Sean, 2022/0001
HUNTER, Stephen, 2022/0024
JEZ, Kresimir, 2021/0075
KELLY, Joseph, 2022/0007
LOSACK, Aidan, 2022/0029
McCARTHY, Rory, 2022/0047
MEEHAN, Ollie, 2022/0023
MOLONEY, Daniel, 20220016
MOORE, Aaron, 2022/0026
MOORE, Patrick, 2022/0027
MULLIGAN, Donal, 2021/0072
MURPHY, Greg, 2022/0015
MURPHY, Kieran, 2022/0005
NÍ RIAIN, Aoife, 2022/0004
O’SHEA, Christina, 2022/0032
O’TOOLE, Jack, 2022/0006
POMPURA, Lubomir, 2022/0002
POWER, Liam, 2022/0033
REDMOND, Lee, 2022/0009
RUSU, Alin Oderel, 2022/0012
SCALLAN, Patrick, 2009/0060
SHEEHAN, Joe, 2022/0048
SWEENEY, Shane, 2022/0021
VAUGHAN, Brian, 2022/0022
WILSON, Michael, 2022/0043




  Successful Candidates (from left) Patrick Scallan, Donal Mulligan and (brothers) Humphrey and John Foxton
Father and son, Patrick and Aaron Moore
Steven Casciani and Lee Redmond


Applications are now open for the next HCAP Training Workshop and MCQ, taking place on Saturday 23rd April 2022 (see separate posting).