Pat Scully, Senior HCAP Range Officer, overseas a firing detail in the prone position
on the Blue Ball Range (Photo: Amanda Geard, click to enlarge)

The following Candidates (43 total) are deemed to be HCAP-Certified following successful completion of their HCAP MCQ on 10th March 2018 and Range Test held on 24th March 2018 (names, followed by HCAP Number).

Date of Certification: 24th March 2018.

Balukonis, Valentinas, 2018/0011
Brillant, Philippe, 2017/0057
Bury, Dariusz, 2017/0196
Canavan, Hugh, 2018/0022
Carton, Pauraic, 2017/0137
Connolly, Paul, 2018/0030
Connolly, Steven, 2018/0031
Czop, Bartlomiej, 2018/0037
Delaney, James, 2017/0192
Dormus, Luboslaw, 2018/0038
Fitzpatrick,Robert, 2017/0197
Gajdos, Martin, 2017/0193
Healy, Lorcan
(Ó hÉalaighthe, Lorcán), 2018/0035
Hynes, Eddie, 2017/0185
Jolondcovschi, Serghei, 2018/0001
Kadlubek, Rafal, 2018/0039
Karolak, Piotr, 2018/0040
Kearney, David, 2017/0174
Kearney, Luke, 2017/0189
Kelly, Gary, 2017/0201
Kinsella, Mark, 2018/0036
Kopyt, Zbigniew, 2018/0041
Krol, Arkadiusz, 2018/0042
Liberda, Marcin, 2018/0043
Madrzynski, Daniel, 2018/0044
Maslach, Krzysztof, 2018/0045
Meere, John, 2018/0024
McDermott, Sean, 2017/0188
Moore, Karl, 2018/0023
Morrissey, Mark, 2018/0027
O’Brien, Ralph, 2018/0004
Ofiara, Robert, 2018/0047
O’Keeffe, Flavian, 2017/0190
Rosoiu, Ionut Bogdan, 2018/0029
Rotaru, Ion Marius, 2018/0032
Serafinski, Tommy, 2018/0002
Smith, Donal, 2018/0008
Stoffell, Barry, 2018/0009
Stuart, John, 2018/0025
Szafran, Sebastian, 2018/0048
Wach, Adrian, 2018/0049
Walsh, Peter, 2017/0199
Warren, Alan, 2017/0173

All Candidates were presented with their HCAP Certificates, ID Cards and Badges at the conclusion of their successful Range Test. A high standard of marksmanship was evident from all candidates. Thanks go to HCAP Range Officers Pat Scully, John Manley and John Flynn for their able administration of the Range Test, also to Tony Saunders and all at Midland National Shooting Centre of Ireland for their very professional management of the Test on the Range.

There were 15 qualified Deferrals/No-Shows, who will have their opportunity of completing the Range Test stage of HCAP on 26th May 2018. If such candidates do not present for their Range Test on 26th May 2018, or defer without good reason, they will be required to re-apply (Range Test only) and pay the standard Repeat Fee of €50.00 if they wish to complete the programme.