HCAP Deer Targets @ 100 metres (Photo: Amanda Geard, click to enlarge)

With effect from 1st April 2018 the requirements for successful completion of the Range Test element of HCAP will change.

From 1st April 2018 the requirement will be as follows

1: Three rounds in a four-inch group in the prone position at 100 metres (rested or unrested). The four-inch group must be contained with a six-inch white grouping target which has a two-inch black aiming point at its centre. The four-inch group can be centred anywhere within the six-inch grouping target and not necessarily inside the two-inch aiming point zone.

2: Three rounds in each of three positions at three different distances, within the defined heart/lung area of the HCAP deer target. The requirement is for three rounds in the prone position (rested) at 100 metres; three rounds in the sitting or kneeling position at 60 metres; and three rounds in the standing position at 40 metres.

Thus, from 1st April 2018 the HCAP Range Test will require accurate placement of a total of twelve rounds in the defined positions, at defined distances (previously a total of nine rounds).

All normal stalking aids may be used e.g. bipods, tripods, stalking sticks or (for the prone position) a back-pack or rucksack. Candidates may have one attempt at the Grouping Target and two attempts at the Heart/lung Target, or two attempts at the Grouping Target and one at the Heart/lung target; not both.