The following Candidates (73 in number) are deemed to be HCAP-Certified following successful completion of the Range Test stage of the HCAP process held on 29th July 2017.

Date of Certification: 29th July 2017.

Allard, John, 2017/0096
Barry, John, 2017/0076
Bonner, Tarlach, 2017/0142
Brady, Derek, 2017/0133
Breen, Gavin, 2017/0115
Burke, Philip Jonathan, 2017/0155
Carroll, Chris, 2017/0151
Carrig, Michael, 2017/0105
Casey, Tomas, 2017/0108
Coady, William, 2017/0136
Connolly, Bernard, 2017/0060
Cooney, Desmond, 2017/0100
Conroy, Fergal, 2017/0135
Corcoran, Eugene, 2017/0167
Corcoran, Paul, 2017/0127
Cullen, Niall, 2017/0107
Divito, Ercole, 2017/0003
Donnelly, Hugh, 2017/0150
Dunne, Fintan, 2017/0120
Fahey, David, 2017/0112
Fahy, Ronan, 2017/0130
Forster, Karl, 2017/0125
Fox, Liam, 2017/0010
Galvin, David, 2017/0158
Gregory, Peter, 2017/0143
Harmon, Hugh, 2017/0129
Harman, Mark, 2017/0172
Harmon, William, 2017/0170
Hartigan Mark, 2017/0156
Hoctor, Niall, 2017/0134
Hughes, Timothy, 2017/0055
Jackson, Aindriu, 2017/0114
Janczak, Tomasz, 2017/0153
Johnston, James, 2017/0097
Kelly, Matthew, 2017/0113
Keogh, Patrick, 2017/0171
Kerry, Wayne, 2017/0101
Kirwan, Alan, 2016/0079
McCarthy, Frank, 2017/169
McEnroy, Connor, 2017/0037
McLoughlin, Liam, 2017/0148
Mulvany, Oisin, 2017/0131
Murphy, P. J., 2017/0146
Nolan, Tom, 2017/0103
Nooney, Noel, 2017/0126
O’Connor, William, 2017/0102
O’Donnell, Francis, 2017/0106
Oertzen, Cassian, 2017/0132
O’Hara, Patrick, 2017/0159
O’Neill, Christopher, 2017/0161
O’Shaughnessy, William 2017/0099
O’Sullivan, Martin, 2017/0168
Palmer, Paul, 2017/0154
Payne, Desmond, 2017/0122
Raggett, Mark, 2017/0119
Redmond, Terry, 2017/0104
Rizzini, Alberto, 2007/0049
Roache, Fred, 2017/0111
Robinson, Raymond, 2017/0091
Rooney, Niall, 2017/0050
Seery, Ken, 2017/0110
Shaw, Leslie, 2017/0147
Sherlock, Edward, 2017/0152
Sherwin, Philip, 2017/0141
Shortt, Trevor, 2017/0031
Skerritt, Adam, 2017/0157
Vaughan, Noe, 2017/0144
Walsh. Glen, 2017/0145
Whelan, Barry, 2017/0128
White, Daniel, 2017/0117
Wignall, Terence, 2017/0123
Williams, Howard, 2017/0005
Wilson, David, 2017/0109

All 73 participating Candidates passed the Range Test stage of their HCAP certification process on this occasion, following successful achievement of the MCQ stage earlier in 2017. All successful Candidates were presented with their HCAP Certificates, individualised ID Cards and HCAP badges and will now be added to the Register of HCAP-Certified Candidates for purposes of validating their status as HCAP-Certified Hunters with Coillte Teoranta and National Parks & Wildlife Service.

There were 8 Notified Deferrals or No-Shows at this Range Test who will remain eligible to participate in the next scheduled Range Test in 2018 but if such candidates defer or fail to show up without notice and good cause, they will be obliged to pay a Range Test Repeat Fee of €50.00 if they wish to complete their HCAP.

The Range Test on 29th July 2017 marks the end of the 2017 Round of HCAP Assessments and brings to 152 the number of Candidates  becoming HCAP-Certified in 2017 (Deer Alliance HCAP having processed 172 Applications). The schedule of events for 2018 will be posted here when finalised, with the next HCAP MCQ taking place in March 2018.