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The following Candidates (79 in number) are deemed to be HCAP-Certified following successful completion of the Range Test stage of the HCAP process held on 13th May 2017.

Date of Certification: 13th May 2017.

Askins, Luke, 2017/0021
Askins, Martin, 2017/0013
Bak, Grzegorz, 2017/0067
Baker, John, 2017/0017
Baranowski, Piotr, 2017/0072
Barrell, Alan, 2017/0075
Brady, Owen, 2017/0034
Butler, Gavin, 2017/0092
Byrne, Brendan, 2017/0018
Byrne, Kyle, 2017/0019
Carter, Jason, 2017/0046
Caschera, Massimo, 2017/0023
Corcoran, Adrian, 2017/0026
Cornelius, Jan, 2017/0048
Cotter, Mark, 2017/0056
Cvjetkovic, Jovica, 2017/0033
Daly, Enda, 2017/0029
Dore, Michael, 2017/0042
Dunne, Jonathon, 2017/0051
Dunne, Mark, 2017/0041
Earls, Gary, 2017/0002
Farrell, Conleth, 2017/0086
Filon, Stanislav, 2017/0009
Fitzpatrick, Stephen, 2017/0006
Fleming, Robert, 2017/0084
Halpin, Damien, 2017/0008
Hynes, Declan, 2017/0027
Iafrate, Antonio, 2017/0044
Jablonski, Adrian, 2017/0060
Jacek, Rafal, 2017/0066
Jaszczak, Pawel, 2017/0065
Kaszluga, Jacek, 2017/0062
Kaszluga, Mateusz, 2017/0058
Kelly, Kenneth, 2017/0039
Kelly, Patrick, 2017/0040
Kubien, Rafal, 2017/0068
Labus, Lazar, 2017/0035
Labus, Miodrag, 2017/0036
Leech, Gary, 2017/0016
Leidig, Robin. 2017/0025
Logan, Paul, 2017/0093
Malaszuk, Grzegorz, 2017/0071
Manning, Maurice, 2017/0078
McCullough, Brian, 2017/0054
McEnroe, Dermot, 2016/0011
McLoughlin, Enda, 2017/0032
Meehan, Dermot, 2017/0090
Munteanu, Lilian, 2017/0061
Murphy, Martin, 2017/0085
Neary, Tommy, 2017/0088
O’Connor, William, 2017/0094
O’Donoghue, David, 2017/0007
O’Meara, Paul, 2017/0079
O’Shea, Patrick, 2017/0004
Ogarek, Slawomir, 2017/0049
Poutch, Alan, 2017/0089
Power, Clive, 2017/0043
Pyke, Kenneth, 2017/0015
Raggett, Damien, 2017/0077
Reilly, Sean, 2017/0012
Roche, Brian, 2017/0022
Rowe, Martin, 2017/0082
Rowe, Willie, 2017/0083
Ryan, Paul 2017/0020
Scally, David, 2017/0028
Schiller, Bjorn, 2011/0072
Shelley, Keith, 2017/0038
Slepecki, Andrzej, 2017/0073
Smith, Brendan, 2017/0080
Smyth, Niall, 2017/0087
Stanley, Clive, 2017/0014
Tighe, Patrick, 2015/000018
Tooher, Thomas, 2017/0001
Varnas, Elvis, 2017/0095
Wallace, Darren, 2017/0053
Wawrzyniak, Jacek, 2017/0064
Wysoczanski, Grzegorz, 2017/0069
Ziach, Lukasz, 2017/0059
Zwaan, Paul, 2017/0047

All participating Candidates passed the Range Test stage of their HCAP certification process on this occasion, following successful achievement of the MCQ stage earlier in March, April and May 2017.

These names will now be added to the Register of HCAP-Certified Candidates and notified to Coillte Teoranta and National Parks & Wildlife Service.

The next scheduled Range Test will take place on Saturday 29th July 2017 for successful candidates from the MCQ taking place on Saturday 24th June 2017. Eligible Deferrals and/or No-Shows at the Range Test on 13th May 2017 will remain eligible to participate in the Range Test on 29th July 2017 but if such candidates defer or fail to show up without notice and good cause, they will be obliged to pay a Range Test Repeat Fee of €50.00 if they wish to complete their HCAP after that date.


For a full list of all candidates eligible for the HCAP Range Test taking place on Saturday 13th May 2017 see earlier posting on this Blog.

No-shows and/or Deferrals from this Range Test will be carried forward to the next scheduled Range Test, which will take place on Saturday 29th July 2017.

No-shows or Deferrals without notice or good reason on the latter date will be required to apply for a Range Test in 2018 as Repeat Candidates and to pay a Range Test Repeat Fee of €50.00.


The following email notification was circulated by Coillte Teoranta today 2nd May 2017:

April 2017

UPDATE: Licences to Hunt Game and Deer 2017.

For administrative reasons, the tender competition previously launched in April had to be suspended. Issues have now been resolved and Coillte again invite tenders for licences to hunt deer and game on designated areas of their forest estate.

Catalogues of available licensed areas together with tender forms and tendering instructions are available for download at . The closing date for receipt of tenders is 5pm, Friday the 26th May 2017. No Tenders will be accepted after this date.

Canvassing will disqualify

All current licence holders are advised to refer to the tender listing in the event that their licence has recently expired and is now offered to tender. No separate notice will be issued in this regard.

(End of notification)