First Time Hunter Competence Assessment Programme Application For HCAP Assessment


    Note: All information is requested on a voluntary basis and will be treated as strictly confidential. The results of all HCAP MCQs are posted on the Deer Alliance website approximately ten days after date of MCQ. Only candidates' individual HCAP number is posted, together with pass/fail mark. All successful candidates' names and numbers are posted on the website following completion of the overall programme i.e. after Range Test. For purposes of compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation ('GDPR'), EU Directive 2016/679, all HCAP Candidates for training, assessment and certification are required to give consent for the use, retention and publication of information provided without breach of the Data Protection Acts 1988 & 2003 and/or the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EC 2016/679) or the Law Enforcement Data Protection Directive (2016/680) (LEDP Directive). Please see Data Protection Statement and Privacy Policy published on the Deer Alliance website, May 2018. Candidates retain the right to access to information held, right to retraction of consent given and right to erasure of information processed or held.


    I hereby consent to the retention and use by Deer Alliance HCAP of personal information provided by me as a candidate for training, assessment and certification for the ordinary use and purposes of Deer Alliance HCAP, including any and all communication from Deer Alliance HCAP to me and for all purposes connected with the efficient management of Deer Alliance HCAP business and affairs generally, including those purposes set out in the Deer HCAP Alliance Data Protection Statement and Privacy Policy.

    I confirm that my consent is given freely and willingly, is specific and informed, and by my signature or affirmation is unambiguously indicated.

    I am aware that I am entitled to access to personal information held and retained by Deer Alliance HCAP, that I am entitled to retract this consent at any time, that I am entitled to erasure of all personal information held by Deer Alliance HCAP on application to Deer Alliance HCAP and that said information may be retained by Deer Alliance HCAP for the duration of the period of training, assessment and certification and for a further term of seven years thereafter except where consent is retracted or erasure of information has been requested, subject to the efficient management of Deer Alliance HCAP business affairs; and in the case of the Register of HCAP-Certified Candidates, indefinitely.

    Do you currently hunt deer on Coillte forest land?
    NoYes, as licenceYes, as a nominated stalker

    Irish Deer SocietyWild Deer Association Of IrelandWicklow Deer GroupWicklow Deer Society
    Do you hold a current deer hunting licence?

    Do you hold a current Firearms Certificate for a deer rifle?


    (If yes, state calibre):

    Do you carry shooting insurance?


    If yes, indicate which of the following:
    NargcCountryside AllianceIFA Countryside IrelandOther

    NOTE: Candidates for Range Testing must produce evidence of insurance cover