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The following is a list of those candidates eligible to participate in the next scheduled HCAP MCQ, date to be fixed.

The list includes all confirmed (paid) applications received since our last MCQ and Range Test in 2020.

Some previous candidates have been de-listed as eligible due to repeated non-attendance at scheduled MCQs in 2019 and 2020. Such candidates re-apply for assessment and certification, subject to the standard Repeat Fee of €50.00.

A date for the next MCQ will be posted here as soon as possible after easing of current Covid 19 restrictions on travel and on numbers gathering indoors our outdoors, as per previous News & Updates posting.

Applications remain open and can be made online from the Home Page of the Deer Alliance website.


ARMSTRONG, Robert, 2021/0006
BERGIN, Patrick, 2021/0002
BEWICK, Stuart, 2021/0001
BYRNE, Tommy, 2021/0003
COOKE, Declan, 2020/0056
DEDAJ, Kristian, 2019/0078
HANNON, Colm, 2020/0067
HAMILL, Michael/2020/0021
HARVEY, Brendan, 2020/0008
HENDERSON, Simon, 2020/0020
HUTCHINSON, Robert, 2009/0108
KELLY, Joe, 2020/0060
KENNY, Alan, 2020/0066
KENDELLEN, Barry, 2020/0013
LARKIN, Andrea, 2020/0016
LAZZARI, Tojo, 2020/0065
MANNINGHAM-BULLER, Edward, 2020/0018
MERRIGAN, Ian, 2020/0062
MURPHY, James, 2020/0038
MURPHY, Paddy, 2020/0039
MURPHY, Patrick, 2020/0040
O’CALLAGHAN, Michael, 2019/0079
O’CONNOR, Dean, 2021/0004
O’FLYNN, Sean, 2021/0005
PAILLARD, Etienne, 2020/0064
REDMOND, Patrick, 2020/0061
SCANLON, Callum, 2020/0063
WALKER, Ian, 2020/0027

This list will updated as applications are received. Last update 11.2.2021.