Small or far away? Sika Hind Deer Targets, HCAP Range Test Saturday 21st May 2022

Candidates in the prone position prepare for their Grouping Target, 100 metres
Standing position, 40 metres

The candidates listed below all completed their Deer Alliance Hunter Competence Assessment Programme with a Range Test at the Midland Range, Blue Ball, Tullamore on Saturday 21st May 2022. All candidates demonstrated a high standard of marksmanship. Thanks go to the Midland Range management and personnel, including J. P. Craven and Tony Saunders, and to Deer Alliance Range Officer Pat Scully. Successful candidates received their HCAP Certificates, ID cards and badges from Liam Nolan, Deer Alliance HCAP Course Director.

New HCAP-Certified Candidates, date of certification 21st May 2022:

ARCZYNSKI, Adam, 2022/0051
BLAZEVIC, Zeljko, 2022/0060
BUCKLEY, Gavin, 2022/0052
BURKE, Hugh, 2022/0053
CARROLL, Simon, 2022/0050
CUDDEN, Ryan, 2022/0058
CUNNINGHAM, Niall, 2022/0062
CURNOW, John, 2022/0003
ELLIS, Anthony, 2022/0057
FALLON, Brian, 2022/0025
FERGUSON, David, 2022/0017
FINN, John, 2022/2022/0056
HANLON, David, 2022/0030
HANNON, Colm, 2020/0067
MURPHY, David, 2021/0076
O’FARRELL, Richie, 2022/0059
ORAGANO, Paul, 2022/0055
SHERIDAN, Stephen, 2022/0054
SMYTH, Fred, 2022/0061

Congratulations to all successful candidates