Sika Hind Target

Sika Hind. The Heart & Lung area is the designated point of aim for HCAP Range Tests.

The following Candidates are eligible to participate in the HCAP Range Test taking place at the Midland Rifle Range, Blue Ball, Tullamore, Co. Offaly on Saturday 16th July 2016. All Candidates are reminded of the “180-day Rule”, which provides that Candidates are required to complete the HCAP process, including their Range Test, within 180 days of sitting their first MCQ. Failure to complete within 180 days without notice and reasonable excuse may require the Candidate in question to start the process again, including re-sitting the MCQ. Candidates unable to participate should ensure they advise Deer Alliance HCP accordingly in advance of the date.

Candidates are listed to shoot alphabetically, in Firing Details of 15 shooters at a time. The Range Test will commence at 10 a.m. sharp and Candidates are required to be present at the Range not later than 9.30 a.m. in order to register to shoot and to receive a Safety Briefing. Candidates are required to sign in at the Range, to produce a valid Firearms Certificate in respect of the firearm to be used and to produce evidence of valid insurance cover.

Approximately forty minutes are allocated for each Firing Detail and Candidates can estimate their likely start time on this basis. However it is recommended that all Candidates be present on the Range from 9.30 a.m. as places will open up on each Detail where eligible Candidates fail to appear on time or at all. Candidates appearing after 12 noon will not be accommodated.

Candidates are reminded that zeroing of firearms is not permitted on the day of the Range Test.

A full rundown of procedures followed at HCAP Range Tests together with a location map will appear here separately.

Anscombe, Tony, 2016/0056
Carey, Kevin, 2016/0055
Colgan, Aidan, 2016/0052
Conway, Erig, 2016/0071
Cummins, Jim, 2016/0059
Daly, Adrian, 2016/0069
Downes, Callum, 2016/0058
Dutton, Ian, 2016/0062
Egan, William, 2007/0200
Fox, William, 2016/0051
Galbally, Geoffrey, 2016/0080
Harris, Patrick, 2016/0072
Hochstetler, Wendell, 2015/0008 (PNS)
Hogan, Stephen, 2016/0065
Hughes, Gary, 2016/0057
Lane, Michael, 2016/0075 (D)
McNamara, Keith, 2016/0066
Moloney, Enda, 2016/0009 (PNS)
Murphy, Michael, 2016/0064
Neary, Stephen, 2015/0100
O’Shea, Liam, 2016/0068
O’Sullivan, Anthony, 2016/0060
Phelan, John, 2016/0036 (PNS)
Pierce, Keith, 2016/0040
Rasmussen, Leonard, 2007/0081
Reid, Ben, 2016/0039
Sikula, Martin, 2015/0081 (R)
Slattery, Ray, 2016/0047 (PNS)
Strand, Jonas, 2016/0054
Strand, Patrick, 2016/0053
Taylor, Ivan, 2016/0067
Terry, James, 2016/0074
Ward, Michael, 2016/0063
Yeates, Garreth, 2016/0061