The Range Test for HCAP Candidates having successfully completed their MCQ on 30th June 2018 will take place on Saturday 14th July 2018 at the Midland National Shooting Ground, Blue Ball, Tullamore, Co. Offaly, commencing at 10.00 a.m. sharp. Candidates should be present from 9.30 a.m. in order to sign in and to exhibit their current Firearms Certificate and evidence of insurance. Candidates are listed alphabetically and will shoot in firing details of multiple shooters (minimum twenty shooters in each detail). Procedures to be followed at each Range Test are posted separately.

This list includes some Candidates who previously deferred or were No-Shows at earlier Range Tests in 2018 but who remain eligible to participate on 14th July 2018.


Begley, Kevin, 2018/0094
Burke, Conor, 2018/0113
Brown, Martin, 2017/0116
Burke, Liam, 2018/0112
Butler, Brian, 2018/0114
Butler, Rupert, 2018/0086
Condon, Pa, 2018/0115
Corcoran, David, 2017/0166
Cullen, James, 2018/0095
Daly, Steven, 2018/0070
Duggan, Jamie, 2018/0057
Dunne, Philip, 2018/0099
Earl, Edward, 2018/0097
Flynn, David, 2018/0053
Galvin, Emmet, 2018/0005
Hanna, John, 2018/0105
Hanna, Robert, 2018/0106
Hourigan, Gerard, 2017/0187
Ivanoff, Eftim, 2018/0050
O’Keeffe, Danny, 2018/0012
Keyes, Paul, 2018/0090
Kinsella, Jason, 2018/0098
Lambert John, 2018/0110
McCann, Jim, 2017/0098
McNally, Garrett, 2018/0102
McNally, Shane, 2018/0101
Monaghan, Jason, 2018/0020
Mongey, Eamon, 2018/0096
Mullen, Philip, 2017/0180
Ó Conchubhair, Nick, 2018/0109
O’Reilly, Wesley, 2018/0073
Shanahan, Maurice, 2018/0058
Smith, Daragh, 2018/0108
Spencer-Jones, Luke, 2017/0024
Whelan, Ronnie, 2018/0068
Wychowalek, Radoslaw, 2018/0103