The next and final HCAP MCQ in the 2018 Summer Series (the last in the 2018 Series) will be held on Saturday 21st July 2018 at 3.30 p.m. in the Ionad Dara Centre, Goresbridge, Co. Kilkenny. The supporting Range Test will be held at the Midland Range, Blue Ball, Tullamore, Co.Offaly on Saturday 1st September 2018 (date subject to confirmation)’

The following Candidates are eligible to participate in the MCQ on 21st July:

Adamus, Lukasz, 2018/0100
Barry, James, 2018/0117
Brennan, Gary, 2018/0121
Breslin, Charles, 2018/0075
Cherek, Marcin, 2018/0118
Dallaghan, Maurice, 2018/0069
Delaney, Liam, 2017/0175
Edge, Robert, 2018/0104
Fenton, Roland, 2018/0107
Flaherty, James, 2018/0051
Forde, Desmond, 2017/0177
Hegarty, Michael, 2017/0186
Hyland, Enda, 2017/0181
Joyce, James, 2017/0183
Kecskes, Zoltan, 2018/0120
Lambert, Kevin, 2018/0111
Lane, Michael, 2017/0081
Leskovics, Aldis, 2018/0119
McManus, Rory, 2017/0184
Murphy, Robert, 2018/0116
O’Hanlon, Chris, 2017/191
Quinlan, Ken, 2018/0082
Tice, Patrick, 2018/0007
Whelan, John, 2018/0080

Candidates are requested to make a permanent note of their individual HCAP Number (eight digits).

This list will be updated with accordance with applications received after first posting.

Deer Alliance HCAP Assessments are not normally run during the Open Season September – February so this will be the last opportunity for intending HCAP Candidates to participate in 2018.


An optional Training Workshop will also be held at the same venue as the MCQ on Saturday 21st July 2018, running from 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. The add-on cost of the Workshop is €50.00, payable on registration on the day. Candidates wishing to attend the Workshop should notify their intention by email to deeralliance@gmail.com or by text to 086 1927 845.

(IFA Countryside Candidates listed above [HCAP Nos. 2018/0080, 2018/0082 and 2018/0111 above] are already enrolled for the Workshop, with subscription pre-paid).