The following candidates (HCAP numbers, followed by mark achieved) were successful in the HCAP MCQ held in Goresbridge, Co. Kilkenny, on Saturday 20th April 2019 and are eligible to participate in the HCAP Range Test to be held at the Midlands Range, Blue Ball, Tullamore, Co. Offaly on Saturday 4th May 2019. Procedures for Range Tests will be posted here separately in due course.

Candidates who were Deferrals or No-Shows at this MCQ on 20th April 2019 will be carried forward to the next scheduled MCQ in 2019, except where they have missed two or more MCQs without notice (date to be announced here when finalised).

2019/0034, 94%, Pass
2019/0033, 88%, Pass
2019/0014, 100%, Pass
2019/0023, 94%, Pass
2019/0037, 90%, Pass
2019/0026, 80%, Pass
2019/0019, 100%, Pass
2019/0032, 96%, Pass
2018/0075, 98%, Pass
2019/0022, 96%, Pass
2019/0036, 80%, Pass
2019/0035, 96%, Pass

(Successful Candidates from the HCAP MCQ on Saturday 20th March 2019 are also eligible for the same Range Test)