Rutting Red Stag (click to enlarge)

As Deer Alliance HCAP is a not-for-profit body run by volunteers, assessments are held only during the Closed Season, March to August each year as the volunteers on whom we rely for assistance at MCQs, Training Workshops and Range Tests are engaged in their own deer management and culling activities during the Open Season, September to February each year.

The schedule of dates for 2019 will be posted here as soon as dates are finalised and in the meanwhile all applications received between now and then will be automatically listed for participation in the next scheduled MCQ in March 2019.

The following is a list of candidates currently eligible for participation in the next scheduled MCQ (date to be posted here when finalised).

Breslin, Charles, 2018/0075
Durnin, David, 2018/0123
Edge, Robert, 2018/0104
Flaherty, James, 2018/0051
Hussey, Fergus, 2018/0125
Kirby, Colm, 2018/0124
Martin, David, 2018/0122
Quinlan, Ken, 2018/0082 (IFA1)
Tice, Patrick, 2018/0007
Whelan, John, 2018/0080 (IFA1)

The following candidates, having passed their MCQ, but having deferred their Range Test in 2018, remain eligible to participate in the next scheduled Range Test (date to be posted here when finalised).

Dunne, Philip, 2018/0099
Ivanoff, Eftim, 2018/0050
Shanahan, Maurice, 2018/0058