The National Parks & Wildlife Service have announced that due to the impact of Covid-19 on the operation of the Wildlife Licensing Unit, the usual Guidance and Application Pack will not be sent out by post to holders of the DHL in the previous season 2019/2020. Instead, Applicants are directed to download the guidance documentation and application form from the NPWS and send it in in good time. As restrictions are likely to continue for some time, DHL applicants should try to submit applications not later than end May. Licences will not be issued before mid-August, in advance of the Opening date of 1st September.

Click on the links below for the relevant forms.

2020/2021 Deer Hunting Circular

Guidance Note

Landowner Permission

DHL Application Form

Note that Section 42 Licence applications are not currently being processed or issued due to Covid 19 restrictions on movement.