The following Candidates remain eligible to participate in the next scheduled HCAP MCQ following the MCQ held on 5th May 2018 (being Deferrals or No-Shows on 5th May 2018):

Breslin, Charles, 2018/0075
Dallaghan, Maurice, 2018/0069
Delaney, Liam, 2017/0175
Flaherty, James, 2018/0051
Forde, Desmond, 2017/0177
Hegarty, Michael, 2017/0186
Hyland, Enda, 2017/0181
Joyce, James, 2017/0183
Lane, Michael, 2017/0081
McManus, Rory, 2017/0184
Mullen, Philip, 2017/0180
O’Hanlon, Chris, 2017/191
Smyth, Gary, 2017/0182
Tice, Patrick, 2018/0007

The date of the next HCAP MCQ has not been fixed but will take place in June 2018 (date to be confirmed) and will be posted here when finalised.