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HCAP Candidates eligible to participate in the Range Test taking place on Saturday 29th July 2017 are reminded Deer Alliance HCAP have arranged for availability of one-on-one preparation for HCAP Ranges Tests, in conjunction with the Midland National Shooting Grounds, Blue Ball, Tullamore, Co. Offaly, where all HCAP Range Tests are currently held.

It is a fact that many candidates experience some greater or lesser degree of difficulty with the Range Test stage of HCAP Certification, due to unfamiliarity of shooting in a twenty-man Firing Detail, lack of practice, failure to ensure in advance that the firearm is properly zeroed or just plain nerves on the day.

Tony Saunders and John Paul Craven of the Midlands Range will give one-to-one tutoring, guidance and assistance to HCAP Candidates (on a date prior to each Range Test – not on date of Range Test) at a set once-off cost of €50.00 per person, allowing for one to two hours individual attention based on one-day Range membership.

This arrangement is strictly between the individual candidate and Midlands Range personnel.
To avail of this special opportunity, contact Tony Saunders 087 097 7589 or John Paul Craven, 086 823 2641 directly.


The Range Test for HCAP Candidates having successfully completed their MCQ in June 2017 will take place on Saturday 29th July 2017 at the Midland National Shooting Ground, Blue Ball, Tullamore, Co. Offaly, commencing at 10.00 a.m. sharp. Candidates should be present from 9.30 a.m. in order to sign in and to exhibit their current Firearms Certificate and evidence of insurance. Candidates are listed alphabetically and will shoot in firing details of multiple shooters (minimum twenty shooters in each detail). Procedures to be followed at each Range Test will be posted separately.

This list includes some Candidates who deferred their Range Test on 13th May 2017 but who remain eligible to participate on 29th July 2017.

The following is the list of eligible candidates:

Allard, John, 2017/0096
Barry, John, 2017/0076
Bonner, Tarlach, 2017/0142
Brady, Derek, 2017/0133
Breen, Gavin, 2017/0115
Brown, Martin, 2017/0116
Burke, Philip Jonathan, 2017/0155
Carroll, Chris, 2017/0151
Carrig, Michael, 2017/0105
Casey, Tomas, 2017/0108
Chan, Bobby, 2017/0139
Chan, Ryan, 2017/0140
Coady, William, 2017/0136
Connolly, Bernard, 2017/0060
Cooney, Desmond, 2017/0100
Conroy, Fergal, 2017/0135
Corcoran, David, 2017/0166
Corcoran, Eugene, 2017/0167
Corcoran, Paul, 2017/0127
Cullen, Niall, 2017/0107
Divito, Ercole, 2017/0003
Donnelly, Hugh, 2017/0150
Dunne, Fintan, 2017/0120
Fahey, David, 2017/0112
Fahy, Ronan, 2017/0130
Forster, Karl, 2017/0125
Fox, Liam, 2017/0010
Galvin, David, 2017/0158
Gregory, Peter, 2017/0143
Harmon, Hugh, 2017/0129
Harman, Mark, 2017/0172
Harmon, William, 2017/0170
Hartigan Mark, 2017/0156
Hoctor, Niall, 2017/0134
Hughes, Timothy, 2017/0055
Jackson, Aindriu, 2017/0114
Janczak, Tomasz, 2017/0153
Johnston, James, 2017/0097
Kelly, Matthew, 2017/0113
Keogh, Patrick, 2017/0171
Kerry, Wayne, 2017/0101
Kirwan, Alan, 2016/0079
Lynch, Kevin, 2017/0124
McCann, Jim, 2017/0098
McCarthy, Frank, 2017/169
McEnroy, Connor, 2017/0037
McLoughlin, Liam, 2017/0148
Mulvany, Oisin, 2017/0131
Murphy, P. J., 2017/0146
Nolan, Tom, 2017/0103
Nooney, Noel, 2017/0126
O’Connor, William, 2017/0102
O’Donnell, Francis, 2017/0106
Oertzen, Cassian, 2017/0132
O’Hara, Patrick, 2017/0159
O’Neill, Christopher, 2017/0161
O’Shaughnessy, William 2017/0099
O’Sullivan, Martin, 2017/0168
Palmer, Paul, 2017/0154
Payne, Desmond, 2017/0122
Raggett, Mark, 2017/0119
Redmond, Terry, 2017/0104
Rizzini, Alberto, 2007/0049
Roache, Fred, 2017/0111
Robinson, Raymond, 2017/0091
Rooney, Niall, 2017/0050
Scanlon, John, 2017/0121
Seery, Ken, 2017/0110
Shaw, Leslie, 2017/0147
Sherlock, Edward, 2017/0152
Sherwin, Philip, 2017/0141
Shortt, Trevor, 2017/0031
Skerritt, Adam, 2017/0157
Spencer-Jones, Luke, 2017/0024
Vaughan, Noe, 2017/0144
Walsh. Glen, 2017/0145
Whelan, Barry, 2017/0128
White, Daniel, 2017/0117
Wignall, Terence, 2017/0123
Williams, Howard, 2017/0005
Wilson, David, 2017/0109