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Deer Alliance HCAP have completed their round of MCQ assessments and Range Tests for 2013 and will announce the calendar for 2014 as soon as it is confirmed in committee.

Intending Candidates can expect the next round of assessments to commence in early Spring 2014, with dates and venues to be decided. In the meanwhile Applications can be submitted in the usual manner, online or by post in hard copy.

The Calendar will be posted here on this blog in due course.



Visitors to the Deer Alliance Blog, and hunters wishing to achieve “Trained Person” status under the requirements of Regulation (EC) 853/2004, will be familiar with the Deer Alliance position regarding their proposed Food Safety Module, which has a target introduction date of 1st November 2013. If in doubt about the Deer Alliance position, go to the posting on this blog dated 6th August 2013.

More recently, the National Association of Regional Game Councils (NARGC) published on their Facebook page an exchange of emails between D. Crofton of the NARGC and Mr Tim Camon of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI). That publication of emails has led to considerable confusion, in circumstances where the Deer Alliance has been heavily engaged with FSAI and other bodies over a considerable period of time in respect of a proper, nationally-recognised process of training, assessment and certification within the National Framework of Qualifications (the Deer Alliance Food Safety Module, or FSM).

Having regard for the contents of the email from FSAI to NARGC, the Deer Alliance protested in the strongest terms to FSAI about what the Deer Alliance regards as a serious mis-statement of the position and requested that as a matter of urgency, FSAI clarify their statement to NARGC and to any persons affected or likely to be affected by that statement.
The Deer Alliance has received the appropriate clarification in the form of a letter dated 11 September 2013, which can be viewed here (click to read): FSAI to Deer Alliance 11 September 2013.
The Deer Alliance is pleased to confirm again that it has been in consultation with FSAI for a prolonged period of time and is currently working with QQI and other agencies and third parties to achieve their desired level of accreditation for their proposed Food Safety Training Module. The Deer Alliance confirms that it is in the final stages of achieving accreditation and fully expects to introduce its Training Module on or by 1st November 2013, with the active support and guidance of FSAI. The Deer Alliance makes no comment on the NARGC’s motivation in posting the FSAI email on their Facebook page.









The following Candidates are certified as HCAP-qualified, having passed the HCAP Range Test held on 31 August 2013.

Date of Certification: 31 August 2013

Barlow, Gavin, 2013/0076
Bradley, Luke, 2013/0114
Brady, Maurice, 2013/0110
Byrne, Michael, 2013/0060
Carolan, Colm, 2013/0108
Casey, Ken, 2013/0130
Casey, Jerry, 2013/0068
Collard, Stephen, 2013/0066
Condon, Thomas, 2013/0075
Connolly, Stephen, 2013/0116
Daly, Brendan, 2013/0118
Delapp, Pat, 2013/0102
Dempsey, Timothy, 2012/0060
Dillon, Eric, 2012/0093
Doheny, Barry, 2013/0017
Duggan, Mike, 2013/0067
Farrell, Sean, 2013/0071
Fergus, James, 2013/0107
Fleming, Mike, 2013/0072
Galant, Marcin, 2013/0083
Gibbons, Daniel, 2013/0103
Glynn, Ross, 2013/0028
Harkin, John, 2013/0117
Hendrick, Earl, 2013/0097
Hughes, David, 2013/0124
Hughes, Jamie, 2013/0125
Kane, Brian, 2013/0082
Kavanagh, Jonathan, 2013/0113
Kennedy, John, 2013/0122
Kenny, Peter, 2013/0127
Kelleher, Damien, 2013/0043
Kelliher, Denis, 2013/0057
Kelliher, Michael, 2013/0056
Kelly, Stephen, 2013/0080
Lees, Kieran, 2013.0055
Markey, Brendan, 2013/0078
McAndrew, Pat, 2013/0106
McIlmale, Gerard, 2013/0094
McKeown, Nick, 2013/0088
Moore, Alan, 2013/0074
Morehead, Oscar, 2013/0119
Morgan, Gary, 2013/0121
Murphy, James, 2013/0123
Naghten, John, 2013/0095
O’Brien, Ciaran, 2013/0090
O’Connor, John, 2013/0070
O’Neill, Liam, 2013/0086
O’Donoghue, Enda, 2013/0098
Porter, Paul, 2013/0099
Randle, Joseph, 2013/0100
Reibisch, Momme, 2013/0091
Ruane, James, 2013/0093
Somers, Niall, 2013/0051
Smith, Stephen, 2013/0092
Smyth, Aaron, 2013/0104
Thompson, Bernard, 2013/0069
Woulfe, James, 2013/0046
Wyse, Bernard, 2013/0085
Young, Mervyn James, 2013/0120