Sika hind and calf. The majority of sika calves will be born in late May/early June each year (click to enlarge)

The next scheduled HCAP MCQ will take place on Saturday 24th June 2017 (4.00 p.m.) in the Ionad Dara Community Centre, Goresbridge, Co. Kilkenny. The Range Test for successful candidates from this MCQ will take place on Saturday 29th July 2017 at the Midland National Shooting Ground, Blue Ball, Tullamore, Co. Offaly from 10.00 a.m. on the day in question.

This is the fourth and final MCQ in the 2017 series and the last opportunity this year to participate in HCAP. HCAP Certification is required for all Coillte Licensees and all Coillte Nominated Stalkers and it is expected that from 1st January 2018 HCAP certification will be required for all NEW first-time Deer Hunting Licence (DHL) applicants regardless of whether they are hunting on Coillte forest property or on private land. Existing DHL holders hunting on private land will have a grace period of five years from 1st January 20918 to obtain HCAP Certification.

The Candidates listed below are eligible for this MCQ. Candidates with the numerical prefix 2016 applied for HCAP in 2016 but did not sit any MCQ in 2016 or to date in 2017. Failure to participate in any MCQ in 2017 will lead to striking off from list of eligible candidates. Such candidates may re-apply later subject to payment of Repeat Fee €50.00. HCAP Fees are non-refundable.

Application for HCAP should be made online. Payment €150.00 can also be made online through PayPal using any valid debit card or credit card (individual PayPal accounts are not needed).




Allard, John, 2017/0096
Barry, John, 2017/0076 (R)
Bonner, Tarlach, 2017/0142
Brady, Derek, 2017/0133
Breen, Gavin, 2017/0115
Brillant, Philippe, 2017/0057
Brophy, Justin, 2016/0076
Brown, Bernard, 2016/0005
Brown, Martin, 2017/0116
Burke, Philip Jonathan, 2017/0155
Caffrey, Eugene, 2017/0164
Cannon, Ken, 2017/0163
Carey, John Paul, 2016/0006
Carroll, Chris, 2017/0151
Carton, Pauraic, 2017/0137
Carrig, Michael, 2017/0105
Casey, Tomas, 2017/0108
Chan, Bobby, 2017/0139
Chan, Ryan, 2017/0140
Coady, William, 2017/0136
Connolly, Bernard,2017/0160
Cooney, Desmond, 2017/0100
Conroy, Fergal, 2017/0135
Corcoran, David, 2017/0166
Corcoran, Eugene, 2017/0167
Corcoran, Paul, 2017/0127
Cullen, Niall, 2017/0107
Cunningham, Bryan, 2016/0013
Donnelly, Hugh, 2017/0150
Dunne, Fintan, 2017/0120
Fahey, David, 2017/0112
Fahy, Ronan, 2017/0130
Flanagan, Geoff, 2017/0165
Forster, Karl, 2017/0125
Fox, Denis, 2017/0118
Galvin, David, 2017/0158
Gillespie, Liam, 2016/0026
Gregory, Peter, 2017/0143
Harmon, Hugh, 2017/0129
Harman, Mark, 2017/0172
Harmon, William, 2017/0170
Hartigan Mark, 2017/0156
Hoctor, Niall, 2017/0134
Horan,Barry, 2017/0138
Horgan, John, 2017/0149
Hughes, Timothy, 2017/0055
Jackson, Aindriu, 2017/0114
Janczak, Tomasz, 2017/0153
Johnston, James, 2017/0097
Jordan, Sean Óg, 2017/0162
Kelly, Gary, 2017/0101
Kelly, Matthew, 2017/0113
Keogh, Patrick, 2017/0171
Kerry, Wayne, 2017/0101
Lane, Michael, 2017/0081
Lynch, Kevin, 2017/0124
McCann, Jim, 2017/0098
McCarthy, Frank, 2017/169
McLoughlin, Liam, 2017/0148
Mulvany, Oisin, 2017/0131
Murphy, P. J., 2017/0146
Nolan, Tom, 2017/0103
Nooney, Noel, 2017/0126
O’Connor, William, 2017/0102
O’Donnell, Francis, 2017/0106
Oertzen, Cassian, 2017/0132
O’Hara, Patrick, 2017/0159
O’Neill, Christopher, 2017/0161
O’Shaughnessy, William 2017/0099
O’Sullivan, Martin, 2017/0168
Palmer, Paul, 2017/0154
Payne, Desmond, 2017/0122
Prendergast, Denis, 2016/010
Raggett, Mark, 2017/0119
Redmond, Terry, 2017/0104
Rizzini, Alberto, 2007/0049 (R)
Roache, Fred, 2017/0111
Robinson, Raymond, 2017/0091
Scanlon, John, 2017/0121
Seery, Ken, 2017/0110
Shaw, Leslie, 2017/0147
Sherlock, Edward, 2017/0152
Sherwin, Philip, 2017/0141
Skerritt, Adam, 2017/0157
Tierney, Mark, 2017/0045
Vaughan, Noe, 2017/0144
Walsh. Glen, 2017/0145*
Whelan, Barry, 2017/0128
White, Daniel, 2017/0117
Wignall, Terence, 2017/0123
Wilson, David, 2017/0109

An Optional Training Workshop for HCAP Candidates will be held on Saturday 24th June 2017 in the Ionad Dara Community Centre, Goresbridge, Co. Kilkenny. The Workshop, which is structured to assist Candidates sitting the MCQ at 4.00 p.m. on the same day (same venue) is entirely optional and carries an additional cost of €50.00, payable on the day. The Workshop will commence at 10.00 a.m. sharp and will run to approximately 3.30 p.m. with a break for lunch. Lunch is not provided. Registered Candidates wishing to participate in the Training Workshop should text 086 1927 845 or email deeralliance@gmail.com in advance of the scheduled date.